Manga and animation can convey what you want to say and express with sensitivity. In other words, they can break down language barriers. In addition, many of today’s Japanese business leaders are of an age where they have grown up with manga and anime, so sales tools that utilize these unique mediums from Japan are likely to make an impression.

Manga artists who actually work professionally in Japan will create a manga that shows off the appeal of your company. Let’s create a hot manga together that fully conveys your company’s strengths and products!

Don’t worry if you can’t write Japanese. We will translate your country’s official language into Japanese by utilizing LOL’s biggest strength, translation technology.

Why not use Japanese animation technology to make an animated commercial that fascinates viewers? Of course, we can turn your staff into anime characters, too.

The language of the anime produced will be Japanese. Since Japanese voice actors will be used, there will be no intonation discrepancies.

We will translate your company’s existing brochure and other materials into Japanese as they are. Please use this as a stepping stone into the Japanese market.