Promotion Business

Illustration Production

We propose touches and visuals that match the customer’s preferences, media, and policies.

Character Promotion

We offer total solutions, not only for character design, but also for how to utilize them.

Web Marketing

We build strategies from a medium- to long-term perspective to match your Web marketing business. We create “experiences” that create connections.

SNS Marketing

Armed with in-depth knowledge of social networking marketing, we design a detailed story and create a mechanism to increase the number of “Likes.


We support translation in more than 30 languages. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors not only by translating into English and Chinese, but also by translating into the language of each country.

In-House Brand Business

On-demand Media

We provide variety of information about “Doujin” to Otaku around the world.

V-tuber Production

We will create a V-tuber that will be a corporate image character and PR.

Event Planning and Management

We plan and implement events where otaku from all over the world can interact.

E-Commerce Sales

We support sales of products created by creators to the world with the correct value.

Online Salone

We offer a platform where users can connect and learn wherever they are. We will help you to move on to the next step you like.


We will contact you within two business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the date of receipt.