We provide opportunities
for Otakus around the world
to interact with one another
and produce new Otaku culture.


We create an environment that enables Otakus around the world to engage in activities more easily

We set a path for Japanese Otakus to pursue their passion globally

We create a platform where Otakus around the world can interact with one another


Web Media Services

We provide various information and gain recognition from the world through owned media. We also provide translation services to overcome language barriers and support overseas activities.

E-Commerce Services

We translate works produced by various creators for global markets and help with sales of those works. We also provide lessons on creative activities online.

Management Services

We match up creators with businesses both domestically and internationally and build a bridge between them for new business opportunities.

Event Services

We manage and run events where people from Japan and other countries can interact with one another. We also take part in existing events with creators and gain more recognition.

About us

Name of Company LOL Inc.
CEO Kyohei Ogawa
Establishment January 2020
Capital 10 million yen
Main Services Web Media Services, Management Services
Head Office 7th Floor, Daiwa Nihonbashi
hongokucho Building
4-2-16 Nihonbashi
Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0021


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